24 April, 2014

I know I am blessed, that my child is a blessing. I know this, but I don't always remember, or realize just HOW blessed I am. That is, until I see or hear about what another child is like. Recently I have given some thought to this because I read about what other kiddos are like on social media or through public interaction and I realize that my little is even more well behaved than I thought.

I don't mean to sound like "my kiddo is better than all the others" or that other kiddos are "monsters" because I know that most of the behaviors I read about or encounter are usually typical behaviors and not anything extreme, it just makes me realize that my child is not falling into the "average" behavior categories and I am very blessed by having a child I can trust. This is very handy as a single (or as I sometime refer to myself as, solo) mama. I can trust my child to remember boundaries and behavior expectations if I am preoccupied with house chores or if I need to take a shower (which I usually do later at night after my mini is sound asleep but not always).

I have recently been told by my family, and even seen this myself, that my kiddo will reply to an offer of something I have not allowed or do not allow with "Mama says no." I really like that I can trust my mini to remember the boundaries I have set and try to enforce them in my absence. I wish I could say I trust my family just as much but they are the ones that will make the offers for things that I don't allow, in my presence as well as my absence.

I am not pleased with their tactics when they offer things I don't permit behind my back, or when they try to manipulate me to allow something by having my munchkin be the one to ask me if it is alright. I am very blessed to have a kiddo that recently responded to an offer of Root Beer (because it was a holiday) with "My Mama says no. Please can I have some milk?"

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